Ian Argus Stuart and his 21 days on Devil’s Island

Nov 03, 2014 · Docastaway Clients

Ian Argus Stuart in Devil's Island in late 2014



Ian Argus Stuart, our 64 year old millionaire castaway, decided to go a bit further on his second castaway experience:

Ian spent another 21 days on a new desert island. But this time he enjoyed extreme isolation on a remote island lost in the middle of the Pacific, miles and miles away from civilization.

His goal was to reach the top of the island. Unfortunately he failed as he didn’t have any water or food with him. Only a package of ‘Mentos’.

Ian carried the latest satellite technology and he kept us updated every few days with his photos.

64 years old, no food, no water, no rubbish to use, nasty environment, no beach ‘to land’ on + he doesn’t swim (you can see video of the difficult landing).
This time, the challenge was bigger, but  he perfectly survived the 21 days by eating crab on the first day and then only from Mentos.

He said he didn’t want to kill any animal on the island -the island was full of crabs and fish in the ponds, easy to catch, though, this time, he wanted to see if it was possible to survive with only a few sweets. Alvaro Cerezo Docastaway Devils Island in Late 2014He believes that all castaways have some sweets or chocolate in their pockets before shipwrecking.  

He suffered very much in regards to water, as it rained very little & there are no coconuts on the island. He drank distilling water and also from the few rain. However, that was not enough for climbing the island up to the top. Moreover, all the trees were down due to a cyclone, so cutting through was double effort. See video.  

On the top of that, there was no water source inside the island so the risk of dying of dehydration was very high. The island also has plenty of hidden lava holes, so if Ian fell into one, he could be unable of making an emergency call, as the satellite needs to be outdoors to get signal.

And this is all the equipment Ian is carrying on his desert island in Oceania

This was risky experience so quick communication with the team will be required. Therefore Docastaway completely forbade Ian to buy and sell shares in the stock market using his satellite communication. But after a few days on his island we started to  suspect he was not obeying.

He has brought a plastic sheet to cover from rain, just like he did on his last experience in Indonesia.The big dust bin was used to protect the electronic equipment from the sea water when ‘boarding’ and ‘unboarding’ the island. But at the same time, he used it to collect water from rain. The 6 bottles of water are only in case of emergency. Docastaway pushed Ian to bring those emergency bottles because it could end up that they cannot land on the island for 3 weeks due to weather conditions + it could not rain for a month there. However, Ian never used that bottled water as the caps were still sealed.

Ian lit fire only a few times when there was no wind and always on the rocks near the sea. He was afraid to start a wildfire on the whole island as the rain was minimum this month and it was very dry.

During his 21 days of experience, he only saw 1 boat passing near his island, surely on the way to another country in the Pacific. The rest of his experience, Ian saw not even a single light on the horizon, even though he was always paying close attention to the sea. So we can say that the feeling of isolation in Devil’s Island is quite extreme.

He used to take his daily bath in one of the natural pool it creates when low tide. One day he found a moray eel in his pool but he decided to have his bath anyway. You can watch the video .




Ian named this island ‘Devil’s Island’, and Docastaway will use it from now on.




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