Polly & Jared’s wedding eve at the private island of Hidden Beach Villa

Apr 10, 2014 · Docastaway Clients

wedding on a private island

Here you can see the photos of this young American couple’s wedding eve on the private beach at Hidden Beach Villa, where they got married just a few hours before. The bride and bridegroom’s parents were the only guests at this simple wedding ceremony, which you can see in this other post.

The day after the wedding, the couple went to another more adventurous desert island in the Philippines, where they could enjoy their honeymoon. The island chosen was Marooning, where they stayed 15 days in great isolation, only the two of them on their very own deserted beach (you can see the fabulous video of their honeymoon). Meanwhile, their parents stayed a few more days on the Hidden Beach Villa desert island before returning to their countries.

Moreover, it was found that Polly and Jared are professional artists and they surprised us with the fantastic photos that you can see below. These photos were taken at dawn, after the private wedding meal and after saying goodbye to their parents, who stayed in a villa on the public side of this desert island.

Place your mouse on each photo for a short description:



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You can see how the ceremony turned out the previous day in this post, or how their honeymoon on Marooning went with this incredible video which was edited by Jared.

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