Polly & Jared’s wedding at the private beach of Hidden Beach Villa

Apr 10, 2014 · Docastaway Clients

private beach wedding

This lovely couple, who are American artists, got married in February, 2014 at the private beach of the Hidden Beach Villa. They had a very intimate wedding, their only guests being their respective parents who indeed really enjoyed this wonderful experience and who surely wouldn’t have thought of doing anything remotely like this without their offspring’s encouragement.

Polly told us she wanted a fuss free, civil wedding. We arranged a wonderful ride on a catamaran that took them to their desert island where their parents were waiting, and the wedding ceremony took place at dusk.

Later the happy couple and parents enjoyed an extremely intimate meal on this private beach. After the meal the bride and groom stayed in the Hidden Beach Villa, spending a magical wedding night (see photos). Their parents stayed in another villa further away, in the public part of this desert island.

Polly and Jared had decided to start their honeymoon on the following day, on a different desert island in the same country as they wanted to add a dose of adventure to their holiday. For this reason, the place they chose was Marooning and they spent 15 days of total isolation, just the two of them, alone on their own deserted beach (watch the wonderful video of their honeymoon). Meanwhile, their parents stayed on the Hidden Beach Villa desert island and enjoyed a few more days of total relaxation before returning home.

Place your mouse on each photo for a short description: 

Jared just before starting the romantic boat ridePolly looking beautiful, just before setting out in the catamaranHappy castaways, face to facePolly and Jared on their way to their catamaran for a romantic excursionJared and Polly boarding the catamaran


A toast before the ceremonyThe happy couple enjoying the views of the islandsOn the bow of the catamaran to better enjoy the viewIn the distance is the private beach of the Hidden Beach Villa where the couple’s parents were waiting for the arrival of the bride and groomChanging from the catamaran to the raftPolly and Jared were surprised to see how we had decorated their desert islandArriving at the beach where the guests are waitingThe family taking their seats (the Hidden Beach Villa can be seen in the background)desert island weddinggetting married on a desert islandprivate island wedding


To find out what went on after the evening meal look at this other post and also watch this incredible video of their honeymoon which was edited by Jared.  If you would also like to see how Docastaway prepared this casual wedding, don’t miss these Facebook photos.


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