Our castaway Gauthier Toulemonde visiting the island of Siroktabe

Mar 07, 2015 · Docastaway Clients

After waiting for two years, at last Gauthier Toulemonde had the opportunity to visit one of the islands most yearned for by our castaways, Siroktabe. This island was really one of the first candidates for his famous experiment of 2013 but Gauthier finally preferred a more remote island with higher levels of isolation.

However, once the experiment was finished Gauthier wanted to see this island, of which he had heard marvels. Taking advantage of another visit to Indonesia in August to meet up with his old friend Gecko, he decided to get together with Alvaro Cerezo, our General Manager, who was there at the same time. During their visit to the island they also took advantage and recorded a nice conversation where Gauthier explained all the sensations he experimented during his famous experience in 2013.

It’s important to point out that Gauthier has already tried out 5 of our desert islands as he is now one of our official ‘testers’.

A short description can be found situating your mouse over each photo:

 Gauthier arriving at Siroktabe

 Gauthier arriving at SiroktabeGauthier pleasantly surprised by SiroktabeGauthier looking at the island’s coralGauthier collecting his belongingsGauthier on arrivalGauthier walking on Siroktabe’s beachGauthier stops to look at Siroktabe’s majestic jungleGauthier walking on Siroktabe’s beachGauthier walking on Siroktabe’s beach

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Alvaro Docastaway March 23, 2015 at 7:24 am

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