Audrey & Terence having a lovely Christmas at Marooning

Mar 03, 2013 · Docastaway Clients

Here you can see the photos of the Christmas adventure that Audrey and Terence had in Marooning (December 2012). This young French couple thoroughly enjoyed the isolation and privacy that the Marooning beach offers to our clients. Along with other experiences they built a small shelter right next to the cottage and a wild dog which lived in the jungle decided to adopt them and became their pet.  They were really surprised by the absolutely incredible submarine world there, and were so impressed that they decided to do an underwater diving course during their last few days. They tell us that the experience was truly amazing, to say the least.

But the best of all was that her boyfriend had a surprise waiting for her on her birthday. Terence had hidden a white ‘engagement’ dress in his case and here, in this beautiful, idilic island he asked her to marry him. This is a really special moment she will never forget.

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Audrey on her hammock at Marooning Beach


 From the cottage, a view of Terence fishing on Marooning Beach

 Fishing in the morning at Marooning Audrey wearing her white 'engagement' dress after Terence surprised her by asking her to marry him

 Terence building the small shelter next to the cottage

 And this is what the shelter looked like

 Terence collecting coconuts

One for Audrey and one!They also enjoyed diving with the dive instructor of the resort

Terence on his kayak trying to catch lunch, and on the beach their ’jungle dog’

Food! Well done docastawayer!

Lunch is ready!

 Terence kept himself well occupied :)

 Terence on the Marooning cottage terrace




 Here's Audrey exploring the surrounding desert islands with Marooning beach behind her.

Terence trying his luck with his improvised harpoonAudrey, the professional coconut opener with 'jungle dog' taking note :)

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