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Jan 29, 2024 · Docastaway Clients

Castaway Mack McGowen Texas Brunette

In 2016, a Texan voluntary castaway spent 12 days live streaming his experience from a deserted island in Newfoundland, Canada. This show captivated audiences worldwide and Mack even had TV interviews from his island.

Mack McGowan became the first castaway to stream his experience LIVEĀ on this Facebook Page. The chosen desert island was Brunette, located in Newfoundland. The reason Docastaway chose Canada was, among others, a better 4G connection than in other remote areas of the world.

Docastaway provided the island experience with the help of TopDrive, who arranged the communication system (which Mack owns), and Californian entrepreneur and producer Dave Raven, who organized the show.

In a live-streamed spectacle broadcasted via Facebook, viewers were granted front-row seats to Mack’s foray into the unknown. Interacting with the audience permanently, he stepped onto the rugged terrain of Brunette Island, receiving live advice from the viewers.


Mack and Alvaro Cerezo Docastaway

Mack ate berries, oyster weed (a small weed that grows near rocky dunes), rocket (a kind of spicy plant), and of course, there were some mussels here and there.

However, Mack’s tasks weren’t easy as he had to overcome all the communication challenges continuously. The network on the island was very weak, and he had to use special antennas and amplifiers to improve the signal for live streaming all the time. He also had to recharge batteries continuously. Therefore, Mack ended up having little time to gather enough food to survive and began to starve. That’s why on the third day, he resorted to sneaking from the emergency food he brought for extreme scenarios. In this video below, you can see Mack apologizing to the audience for that.

A few days later, as Mack’s starvation continued, an air drop with some of his favorite meals was arranged. On this other article you can watch the shot of the airdrop.

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