Dropping food to our Hungry Castaway

Jan 31, 2024 · Docastaway Clients

Plane Dropping food to a hungry castaway

Mack McGowan embarked on a castaway adventure to Brunette Island, Canada, facilitated by Docastaway. Equipped with only his cell phone and intermittent signal, Mack’s journey unfolded on Facebook Live. He finally stayed completely alone on the island for 12 days.

In 2016, Mack became the first-ever castaway to stream his experience LIVE, an event documented in this article. His adventure received a lot of attention from the media, and he even did TV interviews from his island.

During the final days of his experience, Mack grew increasingly hungry. He had little time to forage for food because he spent most of his time improving signal reception with his antennas, recharging batteries, and interacting with the audience.

Therefore, he asked Docastaway to drop emergency food supplies

Mack finding his airdrop food bag

The bag containing the food supplies was dropped using a parachute to slow down its descent. It took Mack a few minutes to locate the bag, but when he opened it, he was filled with joy to find some of his favorite foods, just as he had requested. He savored delicious muffins and enjoyed a refreshing glass of milk, a welcome treat after some time without it.

Below, you can watch the entire footage of the air drop.



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