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Getting to know the Vietnamese jungle boy

Jun 26, 2016 · Curiosities,Docastawayers in the Past


Alvaro Cerezo Docastaway Ho Van LangThe main reason I went to look for Ho Van Lang last November was to learn new jungle survival techniques, just as I have been doing these last few years. The best survival ‘teachers’ are to be found among the tribes so for this reason I was very enthusiastic about the idea of getting lessons from this hermit.

After spending three days looking for him accompanied by my translator, I found Lang’s home where he lives with his father and his brother. I can recall perfectly the first time I saw him.

Ho Van Lang arriving to his jungle house for the first time after 3 years

It was nightfall and the brother welcomed us inviting us to sit in a room where there was a TV turned on. After several minutes talking together he went to call Lang who was in his bedroom.  He silently came into the room with a serious look on his face and with delicate movements. As Lang come closer I felt that I was looking at someone different: the way he moved and his way of looking thrilled me. Meanwhile, Lang remained undaunted his sight fixed on the TV. For the half hour I was sat next to him he didn’t move and nor did he change glances. 

The next day, after spending the morning with him, I could sense that he was excited at the thought of going back to the place he had lived all his life. For this I suggested going together along with his brother and my translator. Lang didn’t hesitate a second and the following morning we set off together. 

Ho Van Lang like a kid

After a full day walking through the jungle we arrived at his old home. Lang became totally absorbed the moment we got there, staring into the distance for almost an hour. After three years wearing modern clothes, that afternoon he decided to take all them out.

From that moment I began 5 unforgettable days side by side with this adorable person, bit by bit gaining his trust. I was soon to find out that he was really a small child who loved to laugh and play. So from then the survival became less important and I centred on enjoying his company.

You can read the rest of the story on this website we have created about him and also in this article



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