An old Japanese man has been living naked on a desert island for 21 years

A Japanese castaway has been living ‘in the nude’ on a desert island for 21 years

Jan 28, 2013 · Docastawayers in the Past

Japanese Docastawayer

An elderly, 77 year old Japanese man has been living more than 21 years as a ‘castaway’, completely naked, on one of the few islands that remain deserted in the Sakishima Islands (Okinawa).

His name is Masafumi Nagasaki, previously a photographer who, one fine day, decided to leave his past life and all else behind him and, ‘without the help of Docastaway’ escape to his dream paradise forever.  The lucky island that is host to this strange guest is called Sotobanari, an island still not dominated by man, without even a drop of drinking water and where even the local fishermen rarely stop. 

Naked Japanese Castaway

We aren’t actually talking about a lover of extreme nudism as this isn’t exactly the reason he came here; during his early years on the island he still followed the customs of ‘civilisation’ using clothes daily.  But then a very strong typhoon swept through his place of refuge and he lost the few personal belongings he had. He soon realised that he didn’t really need any clothes on this remote island, in fact «wearing clothes was completely out of place».

Masafumi’s diet includes insects that he catches around the island in addition to other food that he gets once a week from the nearest village on a neighbouring island and this is, precisely, the only time he covers his body so as not to ‘shock’ the islanders 

Sotobanari Island

However, he’s got it quite clear in his mind that at his age he hopes to live the rest of his years as he’s lived up to now, in complete harmony with nature, not having to obey what society dictates but what his surroundings impose. 

This is the way he has lived all these years, this authentic docastawayer, and as a result of this he has decided that there isn’t a better place in the world to die than this. 

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