First video of the newest island on Earth just emerged from the sea. Hunga Tonga

May 26, 2015 · Curiosities


Ian Argus Stuart has became the first human to sleep on this remote island (11 nights alone)…and probably the last one: This island will sinks back in the sea within months.



You can enjoy these images captured from the videos. Also the Ian’s first impressions about the island:

Ian with Docastaway Team in Hunga Tonga on the first day before they left him

‘It looks like a lunar landscape not having trees or other vegetation’ 

‘I found a cave to shelter in. I was there until the sea damaged it. The island is disappearing into the sea day by day’

Lake in Hunga Tonga. Already open to the sea

‘The lake is not a lake anymore as the sea and the volcano crater have both joined together’

‘Moreover both of the two existing island are connected. Not as previously reported in media’

Ian found a coconut washed up from the sea in Hunga Tonga


Ians Water Catchment in Hunga Tonga


‘The first sign of plant life has started from the volcanic ash. No doubt seeds was brought there by sea birds’

‘Also I noticed long legged spiders in the cave as well as crabs. One day I saw 3 butterflies’ 

‘It’s really amazing to see how life is starting here on this remote island lost in the ocean. Most of it was brought by sea birds but some probably came floating in on the sea from miles and miles away. The other day I found a coconut laying on the beach’ 

Ian brushing his teeth in the morning at Hunga Tonga

‘I managed to catch a few fish and a lot of squid which is the one thing from the sea I don’t like but as I took no food I had no choice’ 

‘Making fire wasn’t easy as wood is almost non existent on this island. Only some little sticks which had washed up on the beach’


Ian having his daily bath in one of the pools in Hunga Tonga



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