Gary, 67-year-old castaway from Australia, spent 12 days SOLO on Juanito Island

Jul 04, 2024 · Docastaway Clients

Our latest 67-year-old castaway, Gary from Australia, spent 12 days SOLO on Juanito Island, Indonesia. 🥥🥥🥥
Here his feedback on his recent experience:


“My first site of my island left me with slight trepidation, could I survive 12 days solo, can I get my own food. At 67 years of age I had some experience of bushcraft in the Australian outback but this would be entirely different. I was excited to say the least.

The first day was set aside in finding a suitable camp to setup my hammock and fly sheet, sort our my fishing gear and clothes ( not needed, the only clothing I wore for the entirety was a sarong). A long sleeved thermal was handy at night as it did get chilly.

Check the water supply, no problem plenty of water for a month. Fire place was cleaned out and ready for a fire however it took me 3 days to dry out the firewood as it rained heavily every night. So, collect wood, dry it in the sun then store it overnight in a dry place.

Plenty of fish around and the spinning lures worked well together with a float and hook setup.
The tiny sand crabs made good bait but very hard to catch the buggers. Used hermit crabs for both bait and food!
Plenty of coconut’s so I did not starve.

The island is paradise. Daily walks around the island, beachcombing. Swimming and snorkeling and just relaxing within the rhythm of the island.

A challenge and adventure not to be missed

The local team was so helpful and made the process effortless on my part. From pickup from the airport to drop-off then pickup from the island.
Thanks Docastaway for a memorable adventure.”

More info about Juanito desert island here:

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