Ice box Mexican castaway survived 8 days by eating birds. Rescue Video

Sep 25, 2014 · Castaways,Curiosities

Ice Box Castaway Mexico  On the video below, that we translated into English, you can watch the moment Raymundo Rodríguez Noyola is rescued after several days adrift in an ice container. This Mexican was rescued from a ice box by fishermen. 

The video shows the man holding up the body of the dead bird that he had devoured in order to survive. Mr NoyIce Container fishermen survived adrift mexicanola was left stranded off the coast of Mexico when a tropical storm capsized his boat.  

After being rescued six miles off Acapulco -in the Pacific coast of Mexico- Raymundo explained to the crew that he ate whole birds.  Raymundo managed to survive extreme thirst and hunger after grabbing seagulls that landed on the box to rest.

We talked to Angel Adonai, rescuer of this castaway and also the person who took this video, and told us that he was found exactly on the place of that map that we have prepared and you can find below.
Raymundo Rodríguez Noyola, castaway ice box
Coastguards claimed they had told fishermen to be wary of the rough seas on the day Noyola disappeared. But the two, who had left the port to go shark fishing on September 14, ignored the warnings.
Police confirmed that the dead body of his crew mate, Mario Morales was found ashore a few days later, tied to the shipwrecked boat that Raymundo abandoned.
Map Ice Box Container  Mexico Fishermen Castaway Acapulco Raymundo On this interview on CNN MEXICO made from the hospital  Raymundo explained “When our boat was sinking, I asked to Mario what could we do . He answered that ‘nothing’ because ‘we were gonna die‘.  Then I told him that I was not going to die and I empty the ice cRaymundo Rodríguez Noyola (Friend of Mario Morales Monge)ontainer from fish and jump on it
Raymundo also explained “I had already caught 2 birds and I had already eaten one of them, and I plucked and cleaned the other and and put it into his mouth saying ‘Take it, drink the blood so you can feel released’ but he said ‘Noo, I don’t want to drink that'”
He also said “When night was falling I became very sad because I was convince a cargo boat will smash my ice box and then everything will be over.

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